In 1886, retired North-West Mounted Police members decided to form an association to maintain the camaraderie developed during their careers on the Canadian frontier. Today this RCMP Veterans’ Association provides ex members and their immediate families with social and financial support. Special skills acquired during their service are used to render assistance to the R.C.M.P. and other police services and charities. These provisions enable the Association's members to continue to serve Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Veterans' Association brings varied and current opportunities for former members to continue to meet, support, socialize, and assist each other.

The Mountiestore supports these efforts.

Your Mountiestore offers you specially chosen memorabilia of Canada's famous "Mounties". All items are approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through the Mounted Police Foundation. For over twenty years our customers worldwide acclaim this merchandise collection for its high quality, reasonable pricing, and most importantly Canadian-design.

FREE SHIPPING to Canadian destinations is offered on all* orders OVER $75.00.

(*Exceptions will be noted in the product descriptions)

Royalty from each item has already been collected by the Mounted Police Foundation and used across Canada in such activities as Drug Awareness Programs, ‘Say No to Drugs‘, and Community Youth Development programs.